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As technology and industrialization continues to advance, the Sam's Technical Services methods and skills improve as well. We cope with the latest residential and industrial air conditioning and refrigeration demands. We make sure to provide services and equipment that meet the complexities of life. As leading refrigeration services in Westchester, New York we help you establish a good indoor environment for your home or business. We cater to various needs like air conditioning, heating and refrigeration needs.

Maintenance of this equipment needs meticulous care. Maintenance services for air conditioners are as important as choosing the right and appropriate type. Keep in mind that the air conditioner is moving heat from the indoor coil to the outdoor coil, thus the need to keep them clean must be kept. Proper installation is also vital to ensure that your unit will work properly. Entrusting your equipment to a professional would save you time and money. And a good way in selecting servicemen to do the job is that they must have the expertise. We at Sam's Technical Services, Inc. has established our name for 27 years bearing the credibility which can assure you that the services we offer is efficient with excellent quality.

We carry top quality equipment and services and we also do repairs for your existing heating systems and air conditioners. Food chains, restaurants and supermarkets can also benefit from our refrigeration services. We make sure that refrigerators are properly installed to maximize its efficiency. We take responsibility to care and maintain the equipment that we are installed as part of our service. Ice machines are also available for your needs. Expect only professional and knowledgeable team members to work their skilled hands on your heaters, air conditioner and refrigeration equipment.

Our technicians are very familiar with every heating and air-conditioning brands. Your satisfaction is always our commitment. Sam's Technical Services is offering its expert services in the areas of Westchester, New York. Enjoy the cool air indoors without the discomforts of the humid continental climate. Our services and equipment are duly certified by the New York City Fire Department. This ensures you that we only provide hazard-free and reliable installation and maintenance.

Residential and industrial refrigeration equipment maintenance and repairs could strike at anytime of the day. That is why we are on standby 24 hours for your convenience. At Sam's Technical Services, we know how you value your hard-earned money. We aim to maximize your money's worth.

Heating, air conditioning and refrigeration have been an important part of every American home for generations. They give us everyday convenience, especially in air conditioning that keeps our homes comfortable to live in. Such equipment needs your care and attention like the way those take care of you. Sam's Technical Services will make keep your homes and offices cozy.

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