Westchester, New York Refrigeration and Ice Machine Equipment


We at Sam's Technical Services are offering high quality ice machines and refrigeration services in the areas of Westchester, New York. Our company has been around the HVAC industry for 27 years. Our experience of almost 3 decades now speaks for the quality of the products we offer and the services we provide. When it comes to the products we carry, we only have the equipment that is known to be high-performing and durable. You are sure to get the value of your money with Sam's Technical Services.

In our refrigeration services, we also provide ice machines that can serve both residential and industrial purposes. Our company in New York provides top quality ice machines for residential use. Whether you are having guests to entertain for a special bash you are throwing or you are preparing great tasting coolers for your family get- away, you do not have to worry about running out of ice. A home ice machine presents you practicality for various needs. Ice has many unexpected uses in your homes, one of which is for removing carpet dents left by heavy pieces of furniture. Let the ice cube melt on the dent after which brush the dent up, an easy way to get rid of unsightly carpet dents. Ice is very useful for minor medical emergencies such as minor burns and it can also help mask the taste of medicine, making it easier for your kids to drink the medicine. Have your kids suck an ice cube before giving the medicine. The taste buds become numb allowing the medicine go down trouble-free.

Aside from ice machines and refrigeration services for homes, our business in New York also provides industrial ice machines. Sam's Technical Services' 27 years of experience offer the best industrial machines. We take care of our clients from the installation of the equipment up until its maintenance. Our clients are given a wide range of options and the different ice machines that we have produce different sizes of ice. We have crushed ice, ice cube, octagon, tube and flakers. Flakers are perfect for food cooling and perfect for mixing. Top of the line industrial ice machine equipment combined with our best services results in a well-functioning system that maximizes the value of your money.

For your ice machine needs contact Sam's Technical Services and reap the benefits of having the perfect ice machine with good services included. Call us now!

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