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When it comes to heating and air conditioning in Westchester, New York there is only one name to trust. Sam's Technical Services is bringing 27 years of experience of residential and commercial heating, air conditioning and refrigeration services including an exceptional product line. The products we offer include boilers, heat pumps and air conditioning units. With almost 3 decades of quality services, count on us to install, maintain and do repairs for you. Our company is family owned and operated committed to stay on top of our game when it comes to providing top quality services. We also take care of emergency repairs for your HVAC and refrigeration systems. For your convenience and to better assist you we are open for 24 hours.

It is very important to have quality and efficient heating and air conditioning systems. Our heating, air conditioning and refrigeration services were designed to bring you comfort, and convenience. Serving the area of Westchester New York, our company also takes into consideration the value for your money. It is good to have your heating and cooling systems checked at least twice a year. You will find that you can save on more costly repairs when you have your heaters, air conditioners, boilers and heat pumps regularly checked.

Sam's Technical Services is a company that shows importance to its clients because they are the reason why the company is continuously growing. We show our appreciation through our service. We make sure that we do our best and employ quality guidelines to achieve client satisfaction. Excellence is a standard in all our services and is shown from installation through maintenance. We have years of history and an impeccable track record that proves our dedication and the quality of work we have. We let our services speak for the kind of company that we are.

Sam's Technical Services does not only stick to the same practice, we make sure we improve. Professionalism is reflected in our desire to improve all of the services we offer. If your home or business in Westchester, New York needs top of the line and quality heating and air conditioning products and services, Sam's Technical Services is the best company to call. Expect HVAC and refrigeration systems to be properly installed and well maintained only from the team of experts in our company.

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